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Vernons Future + Others

Sat 4th May, 2024

Doors: 7pm



About the band

Forged in the white heat of indie’s golden age in the 80’s, Vernons Future play at the poppier end of the indie spectrum. They think you’ll like their music if you like XTC, Blur, The Bunnymen, Lightning Seeds, The Teardrop Explodes.

After releasing acclaimed debut album ‘Smithdown Road’ (Melody Maker said it was “a fine debut in love with pop at its most unassuming and most charming”) on legendary Liverpool label Probe Plus in 1990, The Vernons (as they were then known) promptly split with members cast to the winds and spread across the world.

Reformed as Vernons Future, the band rejoined a very different indie music fray, releasing their sophomore album ‘Aquaplaning’ in 2022. Here is some of what’s being said about this record…

"A magnificent transition from art-rock to the sound that would become best known as Britpop with its baggy-grooved danceable sound. Superb and engaging material indeed.... their high water mark" ~ The Spill Magazine

“Love it…it’s a great record…a beautiful piece of recording” ~ Mickey Bradley, The Undertones & BBC Radio Ulster D
"A deft blend of indie moves and unashamed pop grooves... it is hardly surprising that I fell hard for this" ~ Big Takeover Magazine
"A cracking slice of indie rock... blending a late-80’s Scouse indie-rock sensibility with the swagger of Julian Cope" ~ Slacker Shack


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